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Boy Gusher Boy – Nathan

February 5th, 2012 No comments
Guy Jerking Off

Guy Jerking Off

Nathan is a horny younger guy who loves to jerk off. He also has an exhibitionist streak in him and loves to be watched so as the camera came on he started rubbing his cock through his underwear. As his dick started getting harder and harder he stroked faster and faster the guy operating the camera could no longer just sit back and watch, he had to get involved.

Nathan let the guy reach in and grip his dick. This camera guy loves cock so he gently stroked it and worked his hands up and down Nathan’s shaft. His entire body was shaking with pleasure as he got his cock stroked by another guy. The cameraman told him that he had something Nathan had to try. Nathan was up for it and and willing to try just about anything.

Gay Hand Job

Gay Hand Job

The guy grabbed a cock sheath and slide it down on Nathan’s shaft. His cock fit perfectly into the toy. It fit snug, gripping Nathan’s cock and felt amazing. It was like sheathing his dick in velvet. The camera guy started moving the sheath up and down, stroking Nathan’s cock with it. Nathan was rock hard, moaning and thrusting his hips into the air.

As he got closer to cumming the camera guy reached down and started massaging Nathan’s balls. That was all it took. Nathan hit the wall and exploded, cumming hard and jizzing all over himself. He moaned loud, pulled the sheath off and yanked on his cock to milk himself dry. Nathan had a blast and already couldn’t wait to come back to Boy Gusher and jerk off again.

Cock Sheath

Cock Sheath


Sex College Boys Physicals: Trey

February 4th, 2012 No comments


Trey at College Boys Physicals says,

Sitting in the exam room I was waiting for the doctor to come in after Nurse AJ finished his portion of the exam that he had to do. While I was waiting I looked through the only two magazines that there was on the counter. My eyes wondered around the room reading all the posters that they had hanging for patients. I was a little frustrated that no one had come to check on me. I just sat on the exam table naked the way that I was told to stay for the doctor thinking about all the things that I had to do for the rest of the day. I heard a knock at the door and peeking into the room was Nurse AJ. He walked in and was wondering what was holding the doctor up. I told him that the doctor never came in and he said that he would go check it out. As he returned, AJ explained that the doctor was very behind and that he would just try to wrap up the rest of my exam, so that I could get to my class in a half hour.  (MORE)


Turning to put the chart down on the table, he took a hold of my cock, and started to give me head. I asked him if he wanted to get two sperm samples out of me for the day, and he said yes. I sat back and enjoyed the blow job I was getting. My cock was rock hard in no time, and AJ paused for a moment to take off his shirt. Continuing to give me head, he was very good at using his whole mouth. I noticed that AJ was pulling down his pants and underwear, revealing that his cock was hard and pointing forward. He was great at giving head, and seemed to be turned on doing so. I tried reaching for his cock to jerk him off at the same time. After a while AJ told me that he would need to continue checking me out, so that he could move on to his other exams he would have to perform. Reaching back behind the table he was grabbing a couple of things, and he told me at the same time that he wanted to make sure that everything was working okay.  (MORE)


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Boy Gusher – Fucking Zack

February 3rd, 2012 No comments




Zack had a fight with his boyfriend and came to my house to spend some time. I told him that I would help him forget all about his boyfriend for a few hours. I had all kinds of crazy ideas churning in my head. When he got there I had him put on a blind fold and lay down on the bed with just his undies and shorts on. I began by pinching his nipples lightly then moved down to squeeze his cock and balls through his shorts and underwear. I teased his body playing with his nipples, his underarm hair and just getting him in the mood. I even had him smiling as I played with his cock. I finally pulled his shorts off and played with his toned body and began to slowly pull his undies down and around teasing him even more.

I love foreskin so playing with his uncut cock was really fun for me. I took my time playing with that dick and making it hard. I got up and tied his wrist to the bed so he couldn’t stop me and this is where he started to get nervous and I started to get hard. I then peeled off his undies and he was hard waiting for my attention as I put those undies under his nose and made him smell them. I began jerking on his dick and even let him have a peek as I jerked on his cock. It still wasn’t fully hard and I couldn’t wait to see that dick hard and throbbing. I decided then that it was time to get that cock hard and jerking and I put all my attention on that dick and began to jerk and stroke it like mad. When that cock got hard I tied his other wrist to the bed and he was grinning and wondering what I’d do to him next.

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College Boys Physicals: Nude Aaron’s Return Visit

February 2nd, 2012 No comments


Aaron at College Boys Physicals says,

I had to wait while Nurse Ajay went to turn in my sperm sample to the lab and grab the doctor that was on duty. Returning with a doctor following in his footsteps, he introduced him as Dr. Rimmerman. What Rimmerman said was that Nurse Ajay, had just got certified as a Nurse Practitioner and that I was going to be his first patient to perform more of the exam on. Dr. Rimmerman was going to be a shadow in the room, in case he needed to jump in. I was getting a little nervous about the exam, but they both told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about. (MORE)


Dr. Rimmerman told me to get up on my knees and get my ass up in the air. It must have been an easier position for Ajay’s tongue, because he seemed to be able to lick my hole a lot easier. The doc told me that he was going to give me something to do to keep my mind off what Ajay was doing. Stripping out of his pants and underwear he climbed up on the exam table and put his cock in front of my face. After a while of the little train of action we had going on, Rimmerman told Ajay that he would show him how to do an anal exam. Switching us all around on the table into different positions. Ajay laid down on the table on his back, while I sat over him facing the Doc. Ajay was enjoying the rim job by the Doc, and after a moment I was told to get down on my feet. Standing there, he had me bend over the table and Ajay kept his face glued to my ass, licking it, biting it, and eating every bit of it. Causing me to moan, and want it even more. I sucked on Dr. Rimmerman’s dick trying to see if I could keep up hard as a rock.  (MORE)


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Straight Boy Gusher – Four Way Suck-a-thon

February 1st, 2012 No comments




Aiden, Tyler, William and Neo were all lying in bed watching a porno that I put in so that they could get in the mood. It wasn’t long until they were rubbing those cocks inside their undies. That was a definite plus for me; I have a huge undies fetish if you don’t know. I enjoyed watching them as they stroked their dicks inside their underwear. As the movie plays and the guys begin to touch their dicks in their briefs. Neo can’t stop rubbing his hand up and down Aiden’s leg. Aiden then rubs Neo’s back while William begins to touch Tyler’s thigh. Neo slowly rolls over to suck Aiden’s cock as he slipped it through his underwear.

William took Tyler’s cock and began to suck it watching as Neo sucks on Aiden’s cock. That really turned him on and he wanted his own dick to suck. Tyler just laid back and enjoyed that mouth on his dick and when Aiden turned to him he kissed him giving him some tongue before leaning back and enjoying more of what Tyler was doing to him. Neo and Aiden really got into the mood and turned to give each other’s cock love in a sixty-nine position. (MORE)

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College Boy Physicals – Gay Steven

February 1st, 2012 No comments


Steven at College Boy Physicals says,

I made an appointment to go to the school clinic to see one of the doctor’s there. It’s embarrassing to admit, but recently my acne has acted up, and I wanted to see if maybe I could get something from the doctor to make it clear up a little easier. This way I will feel a little more confident when I go out in public to meet friends and date. I met Dr. Phingerphuck who was going to help me find some ways to take care of my issue, and to do that he wanted to look me over. He started by taking down some general information and then he had me remove my shirt. The Doc listened to my heart rate first and then he took my blood pressure. After he looked in my ears, eyes, and throat he had me remove my pants and shoes. I was left in just my underwear, so that Dr. Phingerphuck could get my weight. (MORE)


The Doc then explained to me that I needed to start increasing the amount of water that I take in to flush my body, and to stay away from fatty, fried foods. I leaned back onto the table and Phingerphuck used his hands to check for any tender areas on my chest and down to my lower stomach. Afterward he checked out my legs and did some bending exercises with them to see how flexible I was. The Doc discovered that I had some bad acne on my upper back and asked how my stress levels were. I told him that they were high with school, and he recommended getting some light sun and doing some relaxing techniques. Dr. Phingerphuck told me that he discovered this family remedy for clearing up facial acne and that was to use a cum treatment. When the Doc asked if I would be open to giving it a try, I was open to whatever he had that would make my skin clearer. Phingerphuck was going to show me how to do it, and to begin he had me drop my underwear. (MORE)


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Teen Boy Gusher – Ricky

February 1st, 2012 No comments
Guy Sleeping

Guy Sleeping

What happens at the party might not stay at the party when it comes to Boy Gusher. Ricky was hanging with some of the guys and having fun at a party. It got late and he was too tired to drive so he stayed the night in guest room. Later, after everyone else was asleep, one of the guys grabbed a camera and paid Ricky a visit.

He pulled the blankets back on the bed and found Ricky wearing just his white briefs. His tan, fit body looked great in the camera light as the guy started rubbing his hand all over it.Ricky stirred in his sleep a little as the hand traveled down his chest to his cock and started rubbing is dick through his underwear.

Rub Sleeping Guy's Cock

Rub Sleeping Guy's Cock

As Ricky got fully hard the hand pulled his underwear down and let his thick, hard dick out to play. Just as he lubed that hard dick up and started to stroke Ricky woke up. Instead of being pissed he told him to stroke faster so the hand did as it was told and started really pumping on Ricky’s cock.

Ricky arched his back with pleasure as the skilled hand traveled up and down his shaft. He was so hard he could have pounded a nail with his dick. The gay handjob he was getting was one of the best he had ever gotten. It felt so amazing he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out very long. As the hand stroked his cock he began matching the thrusts with his hips then he came and erupted like a fountain sending jizz flying into the air. That is a great way to get woken up.

Gay Handjob Cumshot

Gay Handjob Cumshot


College Boy Physicals – Dr. Fucking Schlong

January 31st, 2012 No comments
Male Nurse Jerking Off

Male Nurse Jerking Off

Dr. Schlong was brand new to the office at College Boy Physicals and it was at the end of his first day of being showed how everything in the office worked. The other doctor left him alone in an exam room so he could unwind from his crazy day. As he started looking around the room he realized there were things in here that were most certainly not meant for medical practice.  These were sex toys, not medical devices.

Checking out the toys got the good doctor a little turned on. He started running his hands all over his body and could feel his cock throb in his pants. He pulled off his shirt and pinched his nipples then he stepped out of his pants, kicked off his underwear and started rubbing his dick. It had been a long day and he wanted badly to blow off a little steam. He Laid down on the exam table and started jerking off. He got hard in his hand as he worked his hand up and down his shaft.

Gay Medical Fetish

Gay Medical Fetish

Jerking off felt good, but the good doctor had seen something that he wanted to try out. He reached over to the drawer next to the exam table and pulled out a long, thin metal rod. He gripped his cock and slowly slid the metal rod down his piss hole and into his shaft. It felt so amazing, so taboo and intense that he got even harder. With the metal rod sticking out the end of his cock he gripped his dick hard and started jerking it even harder and fast.

With the rod inside his cock the doctor was so worked up that he couldn’t hold out very long, he pulled the rod out, the sensation of pleasure and pain so intense that he had to cum. With a few more strokes of his shaft he exploded, sending his hot load all over the exam table.

Horny Guys Cum

Horny Guys Cum


Tyler Gets Electro-shock @ Boy Gusher Fucking

January 30th, 2012 No comments




I had this Tyler, a tall and lanky 20 year old that lives down the street from me come over for what I told him would be electro-shock therapy. He probably thought I was joking, but he soon found out that I was quite serious. I had Tyler strip down to his underwear and I started to play with his cock through them. After a minute or so, I began hooking up my new gadget to his cock. I am sure that Tyler was thinking “WTF” but he went along with everything I wanted to do.

Tyler may be super skinny, but he has a fat cock. That cock probably saved his ass by absorbing most of the juice I was throwing at him. After torturing him with the shock for a little while, I left him hooked up but added a nice hand job to the mix. Tyler was really getting into the hand job so I started to jerk him off faster and harder. It wasn’t long until he was shooting and boy was he shooting far! His cum had to have flown at least a foot and landed on my arm. I guess I didn’t scare him away. He said “be back soon” on his way out the door and didn’t look terrified. I can’t wait to see what I can think up for the next time he visits.

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Boy Gusher Boy – Ajay

January 28th, 2012 No comments




Ajay stays at my house a few nights a month. While I am usually a good boy when he comes over, the last time he stayed he came out of the bathroom in his super sex undies and I could not help myself. I asked Ajay if we could make a video of me giving him a hand job, which is my favorite thing to do to a guy. He was initially against my idea but warmed up to it a little while later. Ajay’s darker complexion and thick, uncut cock drives me wild. I am not sure where he is from, but he reminds me of a sexy island boy. He keeps himself in great shape by going to the gym a few times a week. He is toned, but not muscular, which is exactly how I like my boys.

He did not get immediately hard when I started playing with him, but I am happy for that, as I got to watch his foreskin run over his perfectly shaped head over and over again. It didn’t take too long until Ajay was hard and boy does he have a beautiful cock. I was jerking Ajay off in his underwear for four or five minutes until I slipped him out of them. I love the underwear, but I wanted to get to that perfectly smooth boy hole of his. One of the things that turn me on about him is that he is smooth from head to toe. (MORE)

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