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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge Gay

August 16th, 2013 No comments

It’s Damien Kyle! Whew! Damien is here to bring out sexy newbie, the delicious Shane Ridge, up to speed to the fine art of sucking cock. Shane is completely new to dicks and or sucking them. Damien is no novice and we think he has the skill to help out newbie excel tremendously at it.
“I really wasn’t convinced yet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

“Convinced about what,” the cameraman wonders.

“Sucking dick,” Shane responds, with that sexy grin.

Damien is modest about his incredible talent but we know that Shane is in capable hands…and mouths.

The guys riptheir clothes off quickly, and Damien quickly leans in and starts sucking on Shane’s beefcake.

“He definitely knows what he’s doing.” Shane explains.

Damien is sucking it hard, taking all of Shane’s thick meat in his wet warm mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. Shane stands up and we get a striking view of his thick masculine hairy thighs. His thick veiny dick stands straight out and Damien devours it some more. The pair sink comfortably back into the couch and Damien continues his sucking duty, putting in as much work as he can to get to the creamy ending.

Shane takes his dick out of Damien’s mouth and begins to jerk it, Damien keeps his lips close to Shane’s dick, patiently waits for the thick load that he worked so hard for. Suddenly, Shane erupts and shoots on Damien’s lips and mouth.

Now it’s Shane’s turn to utilized the skills he just experienced! Hope he was paying attention, LOL. Shane gets on his knees and puts Damien’s dick between his lips! HE starts off slow, as he is unfamiliar with how to really make Damien’s dick spit so early in the game. After a few minutes the dick sucking rookie makes his first attempt at deep throating and of course he gags.
“Breathe through your nose,” Damien advises.

Shane gets on the couch for a better angle.

“Fuck,” Damien whispers.

The newbie is doing something right.

“All the way down,” Damien says as he grabs the back of his scene partner’s neck.

Shane must be doing something right because soon Damien is close and begins to jerk. Shane continues to suck and suddenly a deluge of cum coats his tongue and teeth! Shane is in shock but doesn’t freak out, I think he liked it.

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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge

Blake Bennett Fucks Boy Brandon Beale

August 6th, 2013 No comments

There’s something undeniably sexy about the combination of “fit and thick” & “tall and lean”. On this latest BSB update we have just that sexy combo with the Blake Bennett and Brandon Beal. The two are old pros and we’re eager to see the show that they put on for us. They jump into the action. The pair embrace each other and passionately make out as they slowly start to undress each other.

Blake is excited to swallow all of Brandon’s man meat so he drops to his knees and whips it out. He starts sucking  and Brandon immediately starts moaning from the feel of his dick slamming inside of Blake’s warm wet mouth. Blake’s a romantic so it is not just about sucking dick; he wants to make this a moment. He takes the time to tease Brandon’s nipple with his tongue, nibbles on his neck and kisses him more.

Blake removes his pants and continues to deep throat Brandon’s fat cock. They kiss even more and Brandon decides it’s his turn to suck some dick.

“Suck my cock,” Blake whispers.

Brandon is a firm believer in the old adage “the wetter the better”. His face is wet with a sensual mix of saliva and pre cum. It’s the glycerin of superb oral sex. Blake slaps his big cock on Brandon’s warm wet tongue and Brandon loves every moment of it.

Brandon is ready to get fucked so he hops on the bed  but Blake has a surprise. Blake begins to devour Brandon’s moist asshole. Blake eats his ass like a four course meal after a hard days work. He takes his time and savors the delicious taste of Brandon warm ass.

It’s time to fuck. Brandon’s hole is prepared completely. They kiss again, with even more passion than before. Brandon readies himself and soon Blake’s raw cock is inside of his hole. Brandon moans in ecstasy upon impact. Blake goes in as deep as he can, while “thick and fit” Brandon’s ass jiggles with each stroke.

Brandon’s moans get louder as the fucking turns more forceful.

“Oh, my God,” he whimpers.

Blake’s rock hard raw cock slams mercilessly inside Brandon’s ass. They switch positions and keep the flow of the fucking consistent. Between Blake pounding the soft flesh of his tight hole and the passionate kissing, Brandon is about to cum. He shoots  a huge load on his stomach. Impressed, and eager to release his own man milk, Blake kisses Brandon and strokes and suddenly releases a huge wad of cum on Brandon.

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Blake Bennett & Brandon Beale

Sucking Dick And Anal Boy Sex In Public

July 26th, 2013 No comments
In this weeks Out In Public update were out here waiting for my friend Niko and we have this guy Ivo and he is dying to make some good sex in public so there it made my job a lot easier and we just put these two studs together and right away they went at it right in front of the world to see with out a care in the world! the sex was crazy and rough just like these 2 like it.I hope you guys enjoy this update I sure did,Stay tuned!

Ayden Troy Fucks Twink Mick Torrence

July 16th, 2013 No comments

Two hot studs grinning ear to ear on a bed, sounds like a fantasy for most of us. This fantasy is about to come true. The scene starts out with these two studs discussing the finer points of staying busy and the current job market. After a brief discussion they quickly remove their clothes until all their wearing is their hard dicks.

Ayden takes the leads and begins to swallow Mick’s cock completely, taking the tip of his fat dick to the very back of his throat. Mick’s dicks swells quickly and throbs as he slowly fucks Ayden mouth. Ayden slowly jerks his hard cock and he pleasures his partner.

Mick soon takes his turn and begins to slowly sucking Ayden’s dick while he strokes his own meat. Mick takes his time on Ayden’s piece, he’s in no rush, and he wants it to last.

It’s time ass smashing time. Our big booty buddy, Mick, assumes the position, doggie, and Ayden puts on a condom. Ayden eases his thick dick inside. Once he’s inside Mick’s hole, he goes deep. Mick moans as he grabs the edge of the bed.

“Your ass feels so good,” Ayden whispers.

Mick bites his lower lip, taking his butt fucking like a man. Even if he had a complaint, it’s doubtful Ayden would stop.

“Oh shit,” Mick whimpers.

He’s getting split in half, the way that sweet booty was made to be treated. Mick gets on his back, and Ayden returns to that warm hole. The strokes are long and strong. Mick even puts a hand on Ayden’s thigh to keep him from going so deep.

“Oh, shit,” Mick groans.

Ayden grabs Mick’s throat as he thrusts his dick in deeper and harder. Mick’s toes began to curl, and his curses get a little louder.

Ayden pulls put and strokes his meat. His jizz coats Mick’s, pubes, hand, and lower stomach.

Romeo Fucking Fucks Skyler

July 6th, 2013 No comments

Two of the finest Texans to walk this planet are about to collide, all for the love of money. Skyler and Romeo are going to fuck. This is Romeo’s very first time fucking another guy. The first time I saw him doing his solo, I knew the moment would come. Skyler has some concerns, he feels like he’s been getting fucked a lot lately and he’s not sure how he feels about that. Romeo is a bit anxious to actually stick his fat cock inside something that isn’t a mouth or a pussy.

“I don’t know what to expect,” Romeo says.

Our southern studs strip down to nothing and start to jerk each other off. Romeo then leans over and takes Skyler in his mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, Skyler’s dick is rock hard.

“That’s pretty quick,” the cameraman says to Romeo. “We’ll have to hire you as a fluffer.”

After some good old fashioned deep throating Skyler gives Romeo a break and begins to slurp and swallows Romeo’s dick. He takes no prisoners as he uses his lips, mouth, and throat to dominate Romeo’s throbbing cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Romeo moans.

Skyler deep throats with gusto, making sure his nose nuzzles Romeo’s pubes. All of this sucking
gets Romeo ready for the main course. Skyler hands him a condom. As he puts it on, Skyler places
lube in his canal. He gets in the doggie style position, and Romeo saddles up.

Our new top doesn’t give Skyler a chance to get used to anything. He slams inside, balls deep from the start. Skyler whimpers and grits his teeth. When told he backs up his fine ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Skyler whimpers.

“You like that,” Romeo asks.

Skyler doesn’t respond, but Romeo doesn’t care. He wants to mark that hole. Skyler gets on his back, and Romeo continues to pound away. The fucking gets faster, pushing  Skyler over the edge. His load explodes and coats his pale stomach. Romeo pulls out jerks a big old load that mixes with Skyler’s man milk.

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Romeo & Skyler

Ayden Sex And Ian

June 7th, 2013 No comments

Back so soon! Our boy Ian has returned for another BSB session. This time he’s in the capable hands of BSB veteran Ayden.  They lounge shirtless on the bed. Ayden shares his current hardships and recounts his first experience with sucking dick.

Not pleasurable in any way,” Ian describes. “It feels like you’re getting choked out, and that’s pretty much it. Dick in your mouth.”

Poor Ian is anxious and doesn’t really know what to expect.

They strip down and hop back on the bed. Ian is semi erect so Ayden gets right to sucking his dick. He’s slow and intentional, licking the shaft and sucking the head softly. Ayden described sucking dick as “not pleasurable in any way” but this time he looks like he might be enjoying it. He explores Ian’s body, licking his stomach, nipples and pits. Ayden is on fire! He really shows Ian how a master does it.

Ian dives into the deep end and swallows Ayden’s cock like a pro. His technique is great; Ian is a natural cocksucker. He slurps, licks, sucks and even takes it deep. Ayden gives his thumbs up.
“Oh, shit,” Ayden moans.

Ayden stands up and Ian gets on his knees. Occasionally looking up to see Ayden’s face, Ian is confident that he’s doing a good job. As he sucks Ayden, Ian jacks his own dick. He kisses Ayden’s shaft and balls. Soon he releases and intense load on the black sheets.

“Spit on it,” Ayden demands.

Ayden starts to jerk his dick in front of Ian, who keeps his mouth
open. Ayden’s load lands on Ian’s nose. All is well that ends with two good nuts.


College Boy Guy Sex

March 4th, 2012 No comments
In this week’s Out In Public update I’m out chilling with my boy Ricky. He spots this guy waiting by himself so Ricky decides to take matters into his own hands and just starts interogating this guy. He just goes right in and tells this guy the deal and the guy didn’t back down and took him up on his offer. They went right into the little bar and thats when things got real crazy! My boy starts sucking this guy’s dick in the middle of this place with people right there playing pool… but thats not the best of it! You guys will love this update. Stay tuned!

College Boys Physical – Teen Eli

January 15th, 2012 No comments
Guy Gives Head

Guy Gives Head

It was a very busy day at the College Boys Physicals office so when Eli came it the good doctor asked Nurse Erik to start his exam. Eli was in for a normal physical so the Erik told him he would need to strip nude for the process. Eli is not shy so the clothes came off in an instant.

Eli is such a hot piece of ass it was hard for Nurse Erik to keep his hands off of him and soon he was unable to do so. As Eli relaxed on the table Nurse Erik started rubbing is dick. When Eli didn’t tell him to stop the good nurse leaned down and took Eli’s fantastic cock in his mouth. There are two things Nurse Erik is great at. One is taking vital signs and one is sucking cock.

Hot Gay Blowjob

Hot Gay Blowjob

He quickly pulled off his uniform and got naked while he was sucking Eli’s dick. Eli got hard in his mouth and started to thrust. He loved the feel of a nice, wet gay blowjob. Erik is so skilled he opens up wide and deepthroats him, taking every inch of that fantastic cock down his throat.

Nurse Erik fell to his knees and had Eli stand up so that he could fuck his face and slam his cock into that hot mouth. Erik used his tongue to massage the head of Eli’s cock as it slid in and out of his mouth. He even reached under and massaged the balls. It felt so good that Eli wasn’t going to be able to hold out for long so Erik clamped his mouth down tight and sucked hard until Eli busted a nut into his very skilled mouth.

Male Nurse Gives Head

Male Nurse Gives Head


Brett Twink Styles

December 9th, 2011 No comments

Brett Styles Brett Styles
Brett Styles @
Hot, black stud, Intrigue is at the gym and finds himself a hot and willing white dude to bring back to the fuck pad. His name is Brett Styles and he’s good to go. They get out of the cold and back to the crib and heat things up between themselves. Brett wastes no time looking at Intrigue’s black dick and gets to sucking it right away…enjoying every inch of that black rod. Intrigue even gets in on the oral action and gives Brett’s cock a whirl in his mouth. It tuns out that Brett has a really nice piece of hanging white meat too. We all know sucking dick can only last so long when it’s the other hole you’re after. Brett "takes a seat" and lowers himself right down on 8 inches of dark pole and it takes off from there. Enjoy!
Brett Styles Brett Styles
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Broke Straight Boys Sex – Mick & Jimmy

August 8th, 2011 No comments

Straight Guys Jerking Off

Straight Guys Jerking Off

Mick and Jimmy are back for more and ready to go! It is like these two are starting to use Broke Straight Boys as their personal bank. Whenever they get short of cash they show up at the offices looking for some money. You know the guys always have some cash on hand and are ready to watch as these two break it down get wild. They are both hot and neither of these straight guys is shy so it took them only a few minutes before they were pulling off their clothes and pulling on their dicks.

Mick was already half so as he jerked his cock Jimmy leaned in, opened up wide and started sucking Mick’s dick. This straight guy gives good head. Mick had a glazed over look of happiness on his face as he relaxed and let Jimmy bob on his knob. Jimmy isn’t used to sucking cock so his jaw got a little tired so Mick returned the favor, wrapped his mouth around Jimmy’s cock and sucked hard. Mick hand’t given head for a while, but it was just like riding a bike – he got right back on it and remembered quickly how to please another man.

Straight Guy Gives Head

Straight Guy Gives Head

The cock sucking was great. These two guys were both rock hard, but what the guys on the crew wanted to see was some hardcore fucking. Mick put a condom onto Jimmy’s rock hard dick and lubed up his shaft then he got on all fours and arched his back. Jimmy fucked him from behind. It was hardcore straight guys having gay sex just like you want to see as Jimmy plowed his cock into Mick’s tight little ass.

Jimmy fucked Mick doggy style as Mick moaned with pleasure. Mick wanted to jerk off so he rolled over onto his back and let Jimmy hammer him while her stroked his rod. Jerking off while getting fucked felt so amazing that Mick came, shooting his hot load all over his body. Jimmy was right behind him. He pulled out of Mick’s ass and drained his balls all over Mick’s stomach. These two straight guys had done it again. Can’t wait to see them again.

Straight Guys Having Gay Sex

Straight Guys Having Gay Sex