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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge Gay

August 16th, 2013 No comments

It’s Damien Kyle! Whew! Damien is here to bring out sexy newbie, the delicious Shane Ridge, up to speed to the fine art of sucking cock. Shane is completely new to dicks and or sucking them. Damien is no novice and we think he has the skill to help out newbie excel tremendously at it.
“I really wasn’t convinced yet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

“Convinced about what,” the cameraman wonders.

“Sucking dick,” Shane responds, with that sexy grin.

Damien is modest about his incredible talent but we know that Shane is in capable hands…and mouths.

The guys riptheir clothes off quickly, and Damien quickly leans in and starts sucking on Shane’s beefcake.

“He definitely knows what he’s doing.” Shane explains.

Damien is sucking it hard, taking all of Shane’s thick meat in his wet warm mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. Shane stands up and we get a striking view of his thick masculine hairy thighs. His thick veiny dick stands straight out and Damien devours it some more. The pair sink comfortably back into the couch and Damien continues his sucking duty, putting in as much work as he can to get to the creamy ending.

Shane takes his dick out of Damien’s mouth and begins to jerk it, Damien keeps his lips close to Shane’s dick, patiently waits for the thick load that he worked so hard for. Suddenly, Shane erupts and shoots on Damien’s lips and mouth.

Now it’s Shane’s turn to utilized the skills he just experienced! Hope he was paying attention, LOL. Shane gets on his knees and puts Damien’s dick between his lips! HE starts off slow, as he is unfamiliar with how to really make Damien’s dick spit so early in the game. After a few minutes the dick sucking rookie makes his first attempt at deep throating and of course he gags.
“Breathe through your nose,” Damien advises.

Shane gets on the couch for a better angle.

“Fuck,” Damien whispers.

The newbie is doing something right.

“All the way down,” Damien says as he grabs the back of his scene partner’s neck.

Shane must be doing something right because soon Damien is close and begins to jerk. Shane continues to suck and suddenly a deluge of cum coats his tongue and teeth! Shane is in shock but doesn’t freak out, I think he liked it.

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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge

Anal Twink Sex Under The Bridge!

June 28th, 2013 No comments
There’s nothing better then having anal sex in public. You get such a rush doing something spontaneous like this. That’s what Greg and Tony did. They wanted to fuck right then and there. Not a care in the world. They had a perfect location to have sex. Under a bridge! These two went at it. Pulling their dicks out and went to work on each other. Enjoy!

Adam & Duncan Sex

June 24th, 2013 No comments

They say size doesn’t matter. That’s debatable. In this latest update size is king (or queen, LOL). Duncan Tyler and Adam Baer are ready to put their mammoth cocks to work on each other. That’s right, these two hung studs are going to flip flop and we hope they don’t injure each other in the process.

Lovable Duncan has spent quite of bit of time traveling around the country. At some point he decided to depend on the kindness of strangers and did a little hitchhiking to a few of his destinations. Unfortunately, he didn’t have had to suck any dicks in exchange for a ride, or so he reports.

These guys are pretty familiar with the flow and quickly get undressed, revealing their dangling dicks. Adam get’s the party started by putting his warm wet lips around Duncan’s fat cock. Duncan’s meat get long and plump, Adam is giving him the head of his life.

“Fuck,” Duncan moans.

Adam kisses, slurps, sucks, and swallows Duncan’s dick like it’s the last popsicle in the freezer. Meanwhile, Duncan’s soft touch and gentle jacking wakes Adam’s cobra of a cock. It stands straight up, just waiting for its chance to relax inside Duncan’s deep throat.

Adam’s jaw deserves a rest so Duncan deep throats his dick. Duncan likes it nice and wet. He sucks so well that we think he may have had some recent practice.

“It looks like you might have had some practice while hitchhiking,” the cameraman says to Duncan.

Duncan laughs no, but there’s no denying it. The dude has learned how to swallow a sword.

Before you know it, it’s time to fuck. Duncan get’s into the doggy style position and we catch a glimpse of that sweet warm hole. Adam lubes his massive cock up and eases into Duncan’s tight butt. Adam is gentle at first, taking his time as he pushes his huge cock in as far as it can go. Duncan grunts, curses, and grabs on the sheets as he gets filled up. Adam puts Duncan on his back and slow strokes him until he just can’t take it anymore.

It’s Duncan’s turn to do some damage. Duncan eases his mammoth monster inside of Adam’s asshole. Duncan digs deep but moves slow.

“Fucking take that dick,” Duncan whispers.

Adam obliges his request and jacks his own dick. Moments later Adam unleashes a hot creamy batch of man milk onto his torso. Shortly after Duncan shoots a huge load onto Adams body as well.


Kaden & Gay Skyler

June 20th, 2013 No comments

Kaden has returned! It’s good to know that we didn’t scare him away. On today’s BSB adventure veteran, Skyler, joins our newbie Kaden. Not only does he have a charming smile, but Kaden also has a few important bills pending.

“Cops like me a lot so they like to give me these tickets, invitations to court,” Kaden says to the cameraman. “So I’m going to pay my cover charge to court.”

Kaden is understandably nervous. This is his very first taste of the delicacy known throughout the world. A meat so delicious that it’s flavor satiates the appetites of men and women alike; dick. Skyler reminisces about his first taste.

“I felt like crying, but didn’t,” Skyler says.

Kaden is optimistic when asked what he thinks cock will taste like.

“It will probably taste like skin,” Kaden responds. “Cock doesn’t have a flavor. Unless it’s chocolate.”

Skyler smiles and warns is new buddy.

“It tastes a little different than you think,” he insists.

The guys get things started, strip down to nothing and commence with getting those dicks nice and hard for each other. As their meat swells they give each other a hand, and slowly jack each other off. Skyler decides to show this new kid the true meaning of a blowjob. Kaden gives Skler a perfect ten!

“He gives a better blow job than a chick,” Kaden explains.

Skyler isn’t shy and he doesn’t hold back. He takes Kaden’s thick dick in his mouth, deep throats it, sucks the head, and licks the shaft. We hope Kaden was taking notes because soon it’s his turn at bat. Kaden grabs Skyler’s cock and begins to suck it like he’s been doing it for years. He slurps hard and sucks it like he’s trying to suck out the sweet nectar trapped inside. Skyler is pleased.

“Oh fuck,” Skyler moans.

Skyler decides he wants some more of Kaden’s cock and begins to slurp on it as he strokes his wet dick. Kaden reels from Skyler’s wet warm mouth all over his fat cock.

The pleasure is written all over his handsome mug. Skyler continues to jerk and soon he reaches his peak.

“I’m about to cum,” Skyler announces.

Skyler’s seed shoots far beyond his torso and lands on Kaden’s side. Kaden starts to jack himself, he’s very eager to release the cream inside. Soon enough he shoots a thick load on his sexy stomach.


Ayden Sex Troy & Brayden Brax

May 29th, 2013 No comments

Remember our handsome country boy from Montana, Brayden? Well he has returned to BSB and this time with veteran Ayden in tow. Since Brayden is the newbie and he has such a sweet little ass, it is decided that today Brayden is definitely getting fucked.

With very little room for small talk our guys quickly disrobe and begin stroking their dicks on the bed. Brayden seems to be having the worst luck today. He lost the coin toss earlier so he has to suck dick first. He dives in lips first, sucking Ayden’s big dick from head to base. Apparently it looks as feels as it looks because Ayden has absolutely no suggestions or complaints.

After a few more minutes of wet head Ayden decides to show this newbie how a professional does it. Paying special attention to Brayden’s huge head, he swallows his thick cock with ease. Brayden watches in awe and ecstasy. Soon Ayden readies his cock for Brayden’s hole. Brayden straddles him and slowly Ayden’s dick eases inside Brayden’s tight wet hole. Within a few seconds Brayden begins bouncing up and down on Ayden’s meat.

After a bit Brayden gets on his stomach and Ayden mounts him. Ayden fucks balls deep and Brayden moans with pleasure. He holds on to the bed as his perky ass is filled with dick.

Brayden gets on his back, and Ayden returns. The newly discovered bottom begins to stroke his dick. With no warning, Brayden shoots a huge load all over his stomach.

Ayden pulls out and jacks his cock. After a few smooth strokes he shoots a thick load that covers Brayden’s pubes.

“It was different. Very different,” Brayden says when asked how it felt to be fucked.

“He has a tight ass,” Ayden offers.


Johnny Forza Barebacks Straight Liam

May 22nd, 2013 No comments

Johnny Forza is massive. He’s tall with big arms, big hands, and huge feet. You know what they say about boys with big feet. Needless to say, his buddy Liam is a bit nervous. He’s not sure if his hole is ready. Johnny jokingly tells him that it isn’t but we’re not sure if he’s joking or serious.

At the cameraman’s request, Liam and Johnny give us a slow striptease. After undressing, they settle into the couch, jacking their dicks side by side.

Liam grabs Johnny’s rocket. He admires the girth, anticipating what’s to come. A few moments and moans later, Johnny leans in and gives Liam’s dick some one on one attention. He pays very close attention to the head, sucking and slurping with his warm wet mouth. Eager to return the favor, Liam explores Johnny’s shaft with his tongue before sucking and jacking it simultaneously. Liam’s jaw is unprepared for the workout it’s getting but he pushes on, sucking the head and pausing periodically to admire the beauty of Johnny’s huge cock. Johnny sits back and enjoys the show.

“Bout ready to hop on that dick?” the cameraman asks.

“Kind of scared.” Liam replies.

Johnny lubes his big raw cock and Liam slowly sits on it, inch by inch.  Johnny sits, thrusting his dick into Liam. Unable to move, Liam takes Johnny’s stokes as best he can, moaning with each pump.
Before you know it, Liam is flat on his back and Johnny is pile driving his tight hole. From the look on Johnny’s face, Liam’s wet little hole is tighter and feels better than he could have ever imagined. As he drives deeper inside, Liam strokes his own cock comfortably on his back while Johnny does all the hard work.

Johnny can’t get enough of Liam’s raw, wet ass so he puts him in missionary position, holds his legs apart and fucks him deep. Liam, flushed by the fury of Johnny’s cock inside his hole, closes his eyes and jacks his dick in a state of euphoria until unleashes a thick load of cum. Not wanting to be left behind, Johnny slides out and blasts a huge load on Liam’s chest.

Completely out of breath and drained, Johnny gives the cameraman the thumbs up, his personal seal of approval.  His work here is done.


Adam Fucks Daniel Straight Raw

May 10th, 2013 No comments

The porn gods have been kind to BSB today. Heart throb Adam Baer is paired with newbie hit Daniel
Grange. Not only do we get delicious Daniel back, but his virgin ass will be popped!

“He’s huge,” Daniel says, pointing to Adam.

Yes, he is Danny boy. Hope you’re ready. :-)

The two get off the bed and Adam grabs his chest. He wants everyone to know he’s been hitting the

“You guys will see a little bit more,” he notes.

“I have some catching up to do,” Daniel adds.

“You’re behind,” Adam replies.

As they remove their shirts, neither is getting kicked out of the bed of a level headed (wo)man.
When the real show begins, the two start off kissing. Daniel is tentative at first, but soon grabs
Adam’s backside with a smack. As they lock lips they reach down and stroke their dicks. Daniel hits
the floor first and swallows Adam’s tool. Those baby blues look up in Adam’s face.

“Take as much as you can,” Adam quietly orders as he guides his meat.

Daniel gets about half way before choking. Adam starts to face fuck the newbie, who looks so
helpless with a mouth full of cock.

Adam spits in his mouth and gives Daniel a kiss for the good job. He pushes him on the bed and
returns the favor.

“Suck that cock,” Daniel groans. “Oh, god.”

Adam licks and laps Daniel’s tool, making the boy happy and contented.

“God. You’re so good at that,” Daniel says.

Adam pulls up and kisses the soon to be sore bottom.

“Let me see that hole,” Adam orders.

Daniel puts his face on the bed and points his booty in Adam’s direction. Adam lubes it up and fingers
it, getting it ready for his pole. He teases the hole with his bloated head.

“Keep them spread,” Adam commands as Daniel pulls his cheeks apart.

Adam enters in one slow, raw, stroke. He waits a moment and starts fucking balls deep. Daniel’s
whimpering makes him even sexier as he gets busted real good. Adam grabs Daniel’s hair and goes
to town.

Adam wants to make certain Daniel remembers this day. He pushes the lad on his stomach.

“Spread ‘em,” he orders.

Daniel reaches back and pull his cheeks so Adam can have easier access. Adam gets back in.

“Your dick is huge,” Daniel cries on a down stroke.

He grits his teeth into the mattress as Adam does what he wants. Daniel’s cries fill the room. Adam’s
strokes are powerful. Not quick, but certainly insistent.

Daniel gets on his back and before he gets back to where he should be, Adam gives him a kiss.
There is the initial shock when that fat hot dog breaks the seal, but Daniel’s dick says it all. He’s
getting off on this.

“You’re making me so hard,” he whines.

Adam spreads these legs apart and pounds away.

“You have a fucking massive cock,” Adam whispers.

It’s massive and does it’s duty. The pace picks up and poor Daniel looks like he’s being split in half.
Adam pulls out and busts a nut all over Daniel’s dong and stomach. His hole might be stretched
beyond recognition, but Daniel grabs Adam’s sausage and jerks it until there is no more man milk.
Adam leans in and gives his bottom toy a scene ending smooch.


Getting Ass In Teen The Alley!

December 29th, 2012 No comments
Johny and Martin ran into each other in an alley and it was like love at first site. They hit it off pretty good. The sexual attraction was heavy between the two. You could feel it in the air. Martin and Johny touch each other in certain areas which had them leaking out their dicks. Then they took turns. All of this Out In Public!

Boy Gusher – Jesse Straight & Brandon

November 16th, 2012 No comments

Jesse and Brandon on

In this update we find horny Jesse hanging out in his bedroom a porn mag open and his hands in his pants stroking and jerking on his cock. I guess he is wondering if his cock can rise to the occasion like some of those dicks he sees in this porno. He has nothing to worry about as his dick gets rock hard from his jerking. That is when Brandon enters and catches Jesse in the act. Instead of making fun of him he joins in the fun kissing him and his cock. As they kiss they begin to strip each other so that they can get to each other’s bodies easier. Brandon goes after Jesse’s dick kissing and sucking it as his own pants are unbuttoned and pulled down exposing his Diesel undies and the hardening package inside.

Brandon eating Jesse's hot ass!


Jesse's ass being plowed!


College Sex Boy Physicals – Pierre & Nick

November 14th, 2012 No comments

Pierre and Nick on College Boy Physicals

Nick Kush and Pierre Palm waited in the examination room while the doctor played catch up tending to his other patients. The boys left alone began to make some small chit chat with each other. They began to open up about their last visits with Dr. Phingerphuck and how different these physicals compared to other doctors. Once they admitted they both enjoyed the experience they decided maybe they should whip out their dicks and get off before the doctor comes back. They both began to stroke away at their cocks, Pierre shocked at the mammoth Nick is sporting between his legs.

Cock sucking session

The boys ready to blow