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Teen Skyler Shows Off

March 13th, 2013 No comments

Dear Pizza Hut: why would you let go of a sexy dude like Skyler Daniels? Sure we here at BSB will treat him better than you, but still. If pizza is your business a lot of pervs would order up a whole bunch of pies to have this cutie make a delivery! LOL!

Of course if Skyler is doing the delivery he might have a taste before the goods get to you! LOL! That’s OK. As long as her permits a mouthful of something else.

The lad is single. Hard to keep a lady when you’re unemployed. His jerking history began when he was 12. Like most newbies he’s a little nervous, but the lad has a charming personality. And his Texan twang would make most people drop their pants if asked. :-)

When he takes off his clothes, Skyler has a dark bush around his 7 inch dick. There’s also a lot of hair under his arms. His skinny legs are furry and fuzzy too. Wait until you see his hairy hole. Like a good southern lad he politely plays with it when asked.

He’s non-dramatic when it comes to jerking. Gets hard and his 7 inches of meat look perfectly formed for a mouth. Those nipples also need to be in a oral cavity.

As he keeps stroking, he’s forgotten about the camera. Just wants to get off. His breathing turns shallow and when Skyler gets close he bites his lips. When Skyler grunts, watch out baby! That first man juice spurt hits his face and hair.


Paul Canon, Scott Teen Harbor And John Silver

January 29th, 2013 No comments

Before today’s update, Scott Harbor and John Silver have only done solos. The roommates are joined by the always cheerful Paul Canon. Mr. Paul is tired of taking the bus. To earn some funds he has agreed to suck the two newbies off. “I heard he was a good dick sucker,” Scott says to the cameraman. The roomies apparently live in a den of raunch because they sent to BSB a video of John laying pipe to a lass. Scott was the director of that cinematic treat. Anyone want to bet Scott was jealous of John’s costar? :-) The three guys lose their clothes and Paul goes down on Scott first. Poor John is left by his lonesome, but his johnson must enjoy the show because it’s straight up in no time.

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Broke Straight Boys: Nude Johnny Forza And Damien Kyle

December 4th, 2012 No comments

Here is the thing about life at BSB: it’s difficult to tell which performers will return. The ones you’re certain will come back never do and those who give a “one and done” vibe keep returning for more. Take Johnny Forza for example. In his solo, the New Jersey stud gave every indication that he was heading back to Springsteen land.  But look at him now! Johnny has since gone on to become one of Broke Straight Boys hottest regulars.

Back to Johnny! :-) His partner for this update is newbie Damien Kyle. Glad to see Damien is ready for a quick return. “I’m good to go,” Damien says when asked if he’s ready to suck dick. We all love a boy who is prepared. When the models take off their clothes, it’s impossible not to notice their physical differences. Johnny is a mass of muscles while Damien is slim. Both are wearing boxers and there is a friendly competition about who has the better pair. We’re willing to bet both would do well in a BSB auction. Just sayin…LOL


On a quick serious note, please donate cash to the Red Cross. Too many folk in the Garden State are trying to clean up after Hurricane Sandy.

Bareback Straight Camp!

September 7th, 2012 No comments
Today’s Out In Public is a must see! Two men sucking and fucking on camp-grounds. What more can you ask for. They hit it off fairly well and got to business. Off came the clothes and out came the cocks. Next thing you know. These two took turns fucking each other bare-back behind the hut. Excellence!

Don’t Boy Ram It In, Seth Tells Duncan

August 31st, 2012 No comments

Poor Seth. He looks so unhappy at the start of this video. The resident BSB bottomis paired with Duncan Tyler, the blonde stud with the mammoth meat stick. Today he’s going to have a go at ass fucking, his first with either a guy or gal. No wonder Seth is worried. “Go slowly at the start. Don’t ram it in because it’s probably going to hurt,” Seth advises. When asked to get rid of clothes, Seth’s are off in flash. Maybe someone isn’t that nervous! “Damn you strip fast,” Duncan observes. “Experience,” Seth replies.

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Boy Gay Gusher – Jt And Erik

August 30th, 2012 No comments

Erik sucking on JT's cock on

We have JT & Erik in the house with us today and these are some damn hot guys. We didn’t get an interview with them they were too horny to chat, they just begin to strip each other out of their clothes. Just wait till you see them in their black boxers. Today is JT’s turn to be driven nuts by Erik’s talented hands and mouth. He doesn’t waste any time he goes right to JT’s hard cock and begins to suck and jerk as Erik tells him how good it feels to have his mouth wrapped around his dick.

Suck it bitch!


JT gets a hot handjob


College Boy Physicals – Vince Sex Wilder

May 25th, 2012 No comments

Vince Wilder visits the doc

When an attractive young student stumbled into my office after hours and begged for my help with his stomach problems I saw it as my civic medical duty to heal his ailment. I had the tall, dark, green eyed stud set down his books and take a seat on the exam table. Once he was on I did the regular check up and then began focusing on his stomach. I had him remove all his clothes and lay down on the table. I checked his stomach for any tender spots and found the problem area immediately. Interestingly enough I had just formulated an experimental technique that would ease his stomach pains.

Scared college dude

I began to massage his dick which sprang to life before my very eyes. This kid had a club for a cock. It was a thick, rock hard, and veiny eight inch dick that felt good in my hands. I could also tell that Vince was enjoying himself to. He was thrusting his hips up to meet the rhythm of my handjob and before I knew it the young engineer to be was blowing one nice load all over himself. Vince laid back with a smile on his face and thanked me. It was just part of the job I told him and then excused myself to see to some other business that needed my attention.

Vince getting jerked off by the doctor

Watch Vince's cock explode


Broke Straight Straight Boys – Blake Bennet And Anthony

May 9th, 2012 No comments

Blake is back in the studio along with Anthony and today, they are going to be indulging in some ass action. Anthony is taking one for the team which means Blake will be topping. While Anthony says he isn’t really into getting fucked and that it’s the money he likes, there was no denying that there was a sly twinkle in his eye as he said he hadn’t been practicing at home. As the two boys were raring to get into it, they stood up and stripped off their t-shirts, both revealing lean bodies. I told Anthony that Blake was prepared to fuck him without mercy but Anthony had the important job of scoring just how well Blake did. The jeans came off next, leaving the boys in their boxers. Only a second later, the boxers joined the heap of clothes on the floor.

Anthony and Blake climbed up onto the bed and settled down next to each other. Anthony told Blake that he should suck dick first and with a slight grin on his face, Blake leaned over and went to work, all the while, Anthony reached around and started to jerk on Blake’s cock. With Blake’s oral skills, it didn’t take long for Anthony to get rock hard even as Anthony was sliding his hand up and down Blake’s stiffening shaft. Every now and again, Blake would break off from sucking cock in order to give the hard cock a few good pumps before swallowing it back down again, much to Anthony’s appreciation.


Teen Broke Straight Boys – Darren And Blake Savage

April 3rd, 2012 No comments

Blake Savage is back in the studio, along with Darren. Today, Darren is going to school Blake in the finer points of dick sucking. Both boys were eager to get the show on the road so I had them stand up and take off their t-shirts, both boys chatted together, Darren revealing that he had been hit up for child support for a son that lived in Alaska.

Reaching over, Darren pinched Blake’s nipples, flicking them with his fingers before kneeling down and undoing Blake’s jeans. Darren struggled for a moment to pull Blake’s jeans down to his ankles as they were quite tight but once done, Darren then gently massaged Blake’s cock through his black boxers. Blake grinned as Darren freed his cock from the confines of the soft cotton and jumped so that his cock bounced up and down. A moment later, Blake and Darren got completely naked, their clothes thrown haphazardly on the floor before sitting back down.


Sex Broke Straight Boys – Bobby, Conner And Anthony

March 27th, 2012 No comments

3 HOT straight boys: Red Hair Conner, Anthony and Bobby

There are three hot boys in bed together today; Bobby, Anthony and Connor. Right away, it was easy to see that the three boys were pretty friendly with each other so it promised a fairly raunchy shoot. As the boys laughed and joked around with each other, they stood up and started stripping off their clothes. Once naked, Bobby and Anthony tugged on their cocks as they watched some straight porn, while Connor did the same just to one side.

Broke Straight Boys' Famous Chain of Cock Sucking

A moment later, Connor threw himself onto the bed and invited the others to join him. Bobby had the great idea of playing ‘Ring around the Rosie’ which in the Broke Straight Boy’s studio simply meant a daisy chain of cock sucking. Bobby, Connor and Anthony arranged themselves in a circle on the bed, each boy with a cock pointing straight up at their face. 

Anthony's hungry!

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