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Teen Adam Baer And Kodi

January 28th, 2013 No comments

Kodi is many things, but he’s never given off the brawler vibe. That’s why it’s easy to feel a little sorry for him at the start of this video with Adam Baer. Kodi is working real hard to wrestle Adam, but not much is working. Adam doesn’t even break a sweat pinning his scene partner. However, to be fair, it looks like Kodi actually is happy he “lost.” LOL! With the vanquished foe on his stomach. Adam rubs Kodi’s balls through the boxers. “You like grabbing those balls, don’t you,” Kodi asks. “Shut your mouth,” Adam replies. Kodi’s boxers are removed and Adam spits in the exposed hole. The “loser” even spreads his cheeks so all of the spit can slide where it needs to be.

WATCH Kodi take it up the ass

Spencer Todd And Trey Teen Evans

December 16th, 2012 No comments

Today’s update has Spencer “Red Rocket” Todd and Trey Evans. When the scene starts, both are in their boxers feeling each other up. Popped underwear tents are everywhere (grin). Do you really need a pre-bump and grind introduction when both models are lathered up to go? :-) Trey sucks first and Spencer is in heaven the moment those lips touch his dick. He pushes Trey’s head as far as it can go. The boy moans and gags as his mouth is stuffed with the Red Rocket’s johnson. As we all know, Spencer is more than a mouthful! LOL!

“Oh, yeah,” Spencer moans as he face fucks Trey. Look how Trey’s leg kicks out as he gags on the pole. Someone is enjoying his blowing duties. :-) Spencer decides to show Trey how you handle man meat. He starts blowing Trey, going at it like he was born with cock in his mouth. The spit flows when Spencer is lapping at the lollipop, and Trey is loving the sloppy blow job.

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Max Boy Flint And Paul Canon

December 16th, 2012 No comments

Paul Canon is back! And Max Flint is with him. How can you not be excited about that? Max describes what he’s been doing recently. Some of his time has been spent at Bonnaroo. Who knew such a funky event could be found in Manchester, Tennessee? Paul continues to make travelingto our studios exciting. For his first ever vid, there were car issues. Today, it was a number of flubbed connections. “Missed one bus,” Paul describes. “Then missed another bus. Then a train. And then I somehow weaseled my way over here.”

You will appreciate his effort because today Paul is set to do something he’s not done before: suck a dude’s dick. Who wouldn’t want to practicewith Max? The two lose everything, except their boxers. As the pro, it will be Max starting out with some pole loving. Hefeels his scene partner up, and soon enough a tent pops up in Paul’s boxers. “I like your boxers,” Max says.

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Boy Gay Gusher – Justin

November 15th, 2012 No comments

Hot new boy "Justin" on

In this update we have twenty year old Justin Cross with us. He is twenty years old the ultimate twinky boy. He looks 16, but after checking and triple checking his id we know for sure that he is twenty. He knows he is going to get jerked off and this will be the first time that he is jerked off so it’s a new experience for Justin. We found out while Justin was stripping down that he is five foot six, he has an average cock, and his favorite color is green. Mr. Hand didn’t waste any time he went right to work pulling off Justin’s boxers, grabbing the lube, and stroking his cock. Mr. Hand starts off slow, but once he gets started he begins to move to the groove making Justin feel good.

Justin being taken care of.


Ready to explode!


Brokestraightboys: Johnny Forza And Twink Blake Bennet

November 2nd, 2012 No comments

Broke Straight Boys Johnny Forza and Blake Bennet can’t be stopped! Here’s the scene with these two straight boys! Johnny Forza gives his meat a tender tap. Blake Bennet’s legs are bouncing up and down. When the cameraman wonders how the two performers are doing, Johnny gives a peace sign. All is good in his world. What about Blake? “Nervous as hell,” Blake says. “Because I haven’t taken a dick that big yet.” The cameraman says now is the time, but Blake’s legs keep shaking. He’s not sure about this. Understandable! But everyone watching this update is more than ready for Blake to ride a straight boy named Johnny. :-) The Jersey boy mentions that he’s spent his BSB cash well; he’s purchased a motorcycle. “It’s gorgeous,” Blake notes.

Johnny is over being an actual “broke straight boy” so this is the reason he’s back in at the straight boy studios! Remember when he was certain he done being gay for pay? :-) Well, he is ready to earn more cash! When the boys strip to their boxers, we get to compare their physiques. Neither of these hot straight boys would be booted out of a bed for leaving crumbs, but their differences are startling. Blake is a tan lithe lad with the build of a polo player. Blake on the other hand, is all mountain — his defined muscles taught and ripped against his pale skin. Check out these two straight boys going at it on!

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Boy Gay Gusher – Jt And Erik

August 30th, 2012 No comments

Erik sucking on JT's cock on

We have JT & Erik in the house with us today and these are some damn hot guys. We didn’t get an interview with them they were too horny to chat, they just begin to strip each other out of their clothes. Just wait till you see them in their black boxers. Today is JT’s turn to be driven nuts by Erik’s talented hands and mouth. He doesn’t waste any time he goes right to JT’s hard cock and begins to suck and jerk as Erik tells him how good it feels to have his mouth wrapped around his dick.

Suck it bitch!


JT gets a hot handjob


Broke Straight Boys – Conner Fucks Sex Denver Grand

May 8th, 2012 No comments

Connor and Denver are both broke but hot to trot today, as evidenced by their lack of t-shirts. As Denver needs to learn how to deep throat properly, Connor is on hand to provide the cock on which he can practice. Connor sat back on his elbows while Denver went to work on his cock, squeezing it gently through Connor’s jeans. It was easy to see that the two boys got along like a house on fire, especially as Denver pretended to give Connor’s dick a bite. I zoomed in close with the camera, daring Denver to give it another go. Sure enough, Denver was already gently chewing on the cock before I had even gotten the words out of my mouth and this time, Denver even gave a little growl. The two boys stood up, stripping off their jeans and boxers, both boys trading quips with one another.

Kneeling down, Denver opened up wide, slowly swallowing Connor’s already hard cock. As Denver bobbed back and forth on Connor’s dick, Denver reached down and wrapped a hand around his own shaft in order to jerk himself off. Connor couldn’t help but stare down at Denver, watching as his cock slid in and out of the hot, wet mouth. A minute later, Connor reminded Denver that it was a deep throat session and naturally, Denver obliged by swallowing the dick right down to the root with nary a gag in ear shot.


Broke Straight Boys – Ross Fucking And Kodi

April 14th, 2012 No comments

Kodi and Ross are in the studio today and they are going to be indulging in some man on man lovin’. It was easy to see that the two boys were ready to get going right away so I had them stand up and strip off to their boxers, both boys having a ready smile for the camera. Ross and Kodi sat back down and immediately started playing with their dicks in an effort to get hard. As they pumped their cock shafts, Ross couldn’t help but keep peeking over at what Kodi had down his boxers, all the while, Kodi just concentrated on watching the straight porn.

It wasn’t long before they were both rock hard, Ross taking the initiative and helping Kodi take off his boxers, Kodi quickly returning the favor. Both boys grasped each other’s stiff dicks and started to leisurely stroke the hard flesh. Ross couldn’t take his eyes off Kodi’s cock, likewise, Kodi was captivated by the sight of his hand sliding up and down Ross’s cock shaft.


Broke Straight Boy Boys – Jimmy And Chad

March 9th, 2012 No comments

2 of our hot straight guys: Chad and Jimmy

For this update, we have two of the hottest boys on the site together; Chad and Jimmy. Right away, it was easy to see that the two of them were really relaxed and in tune with each other. Chad and Jimmy were chatting about bromances before they started in on the nitty gritty such as what sort of new things the boys were going to bring into the shoot. As they talked together, Chad and Jimmy started discussing what it was like to get their asses licked, Jimmy likening it being as if a lizard was getting his tongue right around his behind. Suffice to say, one of these boys was going to get their asses licked. It was enough of the small talk and now it was time to get down to work so the two boys stripped down to their boxers. Jimmy and Chad stood next to each other, rubbing their cocks through the soft material until their dicks stiffened up. Like always, Jimmy won the race hands down.

Straight boy Chad's first time sucking a cock

Plonking down next to one another, Jimmy held his dick straight as Chad leaned over and slid the hard cock between his straight boy lips. Slowly but surely, Chad bobbed up and down on the thick cock even as he fisted his own dick. Despite not going down as far as he normally did, Chad made sure to lick and nibble the tip of the dick, all the while, Jimmy gasped and panted in pleasure.

Chad eating Jimmy's ass

Jimmy pins down Chad and fucks him hard


Boy Gusher – Binx Gay

February 26th, 2012 No comments
Guy in Bed

Guy in Bed

Binx is a hot guy who loves to jerk off, ad he loves having his cock stroked. He was hanging out in bed when his roommate came in with a camera and started looking at him and filming him. As Binx pulled back his blanket he showed off her hot little boxers and killer body.

He starts rubbing his cock through his underwear, but his roommate has other things in mind. He set the camera down so it was aimed at Binx and his fine body then he pulled Binx’s boxers down and started teasing his cock. Binx laid back like a king and let him tease that cock. He put a little lube on his hand, gripped that cock and started stroking him. Binx lets out a little moan as he starts getting rock hard. His roommate loves giving a gay handjob and is very skilled at it.

Gay Handjob

Straight Guy Cumming

Binx was so hard he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for very long, but he wanted to enjoy the moment as much as possible so he relaxed himself and just let the waves of pleasure crash over him as his cock got stroked faster and faster.

His roommate could feel Binx about to burst so he tightened his grip and with his free hand he reached down and started massaging his balls. The feel of that hand rubbing is balls while he got stroked sent him over the edge and he came hard. He shot his hot load all over his body and let his roommate continue to stroke him until he had milked every last drop out of him.