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Fucking Carson Hawk

December 17th, 2012 No comments

Carson Hawk tells a story that few here will disbelieve. He has a dog now because the homeless canine followed him home. It’s surprising only one animal has trailed this sexy beast. :-) The Chicago guy is a bit on edge about doing a solo, but it does not take too long to get him in the mood.
“Slighty skeptical,” he says when the cameraman wonders how Carson is feeling about stroking for an audience.”A little nervous about it.”

His BSB funds will be spent for a number of things, from a new car to a computer. He has to bike to work each day. It’s a bit of pain, but it has done wonders for the guy’s bod. LOL! If his looks and bod don’t make you weak, then the adorable way he retells his first ever jerking off session will get you moist. LOL! It must have brought back memories for Carson because his already impressive tool begins to plump.

WATCH Carson’s first solo shoot

California Nude Boy Ayden Troy

June 19th, 2012 No comments

Broke Straight Boys solo vids typically fall into two categories. The first is when the model plays to the audience. In the second, the performer is so sexed up from self pleasure he can’t even be bothered to notice the tape is rolling Ayden Troy‘s vid is BSB solo number 2. The 19 year old hails from the Golden State. He’s here for one simple reason. “I like to jerk off,” he says to the cameraman. He has other hobbies too (“I like to rock climb. Snow board. Hanging out with friends”).He’s unemployed, so cumming for an audience seemed like a good way for cash. His girlfriend is cool with him being here. “She didn’t think much of it,” Ayden explains when asked what his girl thinks. “She was fine with it. ‘OK. Go for it.’”

Most of us would be fine with anything this stud did. His head is topped with a curly mop. When he stands up and takes off his shirt, he expresses admiration for his arms. He should love them. Those are some impressive guns. The rest of him is also top notch. Chiseled abs, pitch perfect nipples, and a neck deserving of multiple hickies.

WATCH Ayden’s First Video HERE