Anal-sex In Nude Open Field

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We’re back! Nothing, but non-stop anal sex on today’s OutInPublic. These guys hook up and don’t care where they are and who’s watching. All they want to don’t is suck each others dick and fuck each other in the ass. That’s exactly what. they do until busting loads on their face.

Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge Gay

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It’s Damien Kyle! Whew! Damien is here to bring out sexy newbie, the delicious Shane Ridge, up to speed to the fine art of sucking cock. Shane is completely new to dicks and or sucking them. Damien is no novice and we think he has the skill to help out newbie excel tremendously at it.
“I really wasn’t convinced yet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

“Convinced about what,” the cameraman wonders.

“Sucking dick,” Shane responds, with that sexy grin.

Damien is modest about his incredible talent but we know that Shane is in capable hands…and mouths.

The guys riptheir clothes off quickly, and Damien quickly leans in and starts sucking on Shane’s beefcake.

“He definitely knows what he’s doing.” Shane explains.

Damien is sucking it hard, taking all of Shane’s thick meat in his wet warm mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. Shane stands up and we get a striking view of his thick masculine hairy thighs. His thick veiny dick stands straight out and Damien devours it some more. The pair sink comfortably back into the couch and Damien continues his sucking duty, putting in as much work as he can to get to the creamy ending.

Shane takes his dick out of Damien’s mouth and begins to jerk it, Damien keeps his lips close to Shane’s dick, patiently waits for the thick load that he worked so hard for. Suddenly, Shane erupts and shoots on Damien’s lips and mouth.

Now it’s Shane’s turn to utilized the skills he just experienced! Hope he was paying attention, LOL. Shane gets on his knees and puts Damien’s dick between his lips! HE starts off slow, as he is unfamiliar with how to really make Damien’s dick spit so early in the game. After a few minutes the dick sucking rookie makes his first attempt at deep throating and of course he gags.
“Breathe through your nose,” Damien advises.

Shane gets on the couch for a better angle.

“Fuck,” Damien whispers.

The newbie is doing something right.

“All the way down,” Damien says as he grabs the back of his scene partner’s neck.

Shane must be doing something right because soon Damien is close and begins to jerk. Shane continues to suck and suddenly a deluge of cum coats his tongue and teeth! Shane is in shock but doesn’t freak out, I think he liked it.

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Damien Kyle & Shane Ridge

Shane Ridge Nude Shows Off

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Make way! Fresh BSB Meat! This is Shane Ridge and you can tell he’s somewhat excited to be here, the cutie can’t seem to keep his hands off his cock! Shane has a smoldering smile that would melt your grandmother’s heart and make your undies magically fall to the floor. How did we receive this wonderful gift? Well, it seems Shane has a special bundle of his own on the way.

“I just recently discovered I’m having a kid.T he first job isn’t making so much, so I have to make ends meet,” Shane says to the cameraman.

He’s a officially a DILF! He started playing with his trouser snake when he was a wee lad in the 6th grade. Actually, he was basically having cyber sex with another girl sending him photos and videos.

Since this he hasn’t stopped. This guy loves to pleasure his cock, he jerks off a couple times a day and he’s got a kid on the way. He strips down and whips out his thick, uncut dick and starts stroking. He plays with his nipples to intensify the experience a bit.

He stands up and continues, you can tell he’s slightly camera shy but that doesn’t inhibit him too much. He continues to wrestle with his cock. He gets back on the couch and lays down on his back. He dick gets bigger and you can tell he’s edging closer to his climax. Suddenly he shoots a load of thick cum that covers his stomach. All he can do is smile.

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Shane Ridge

Romeo Gay James & Johnny Forza

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BOOM! The time has come! Johnny Forza and Romeo James! Fucking! Hardcore! Let’s get started. Things open with these two world class studs making out hard, feeling each other up, like two bi-curious high school seniors after football practice. They remove their shirts and things quickly escalate.

The making out is a solid warm up, their cocks are hard as rocks once they’ve removed their pants. Romeo stands on the bed and Johnny begins to suck his juicy cock. Romeos smooth cock slides in and out of Johnny’s wet lips like it was made for it.

Romeo leans in for a quick kiss and then gets down on his knees to return the favor.  Romeo really works Johnny’s cock with his full mouth (lips, tongue, and throat). Romeo gives Johnny boy another kiss in between slurps. Johnny positions his partner, lubes him up and sticks his raw New Jersey cock inside him.

“Oh, fuck,” Romeo moans.
Johnny pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper and harder!

“Fuck me, cowboy,” Romeo demands.

Johnny takes heed and picks up the pace. Then Romeo lubes up, Johnny gets on his back and Romeo begins to fuck.

“How that feel,” he asks.

“Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans.
Johnny begins to jerk his cock and soon he cums all over the place. Romeo pulls out and his cum explosion surrounds Johnny’s hole.

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Johnny Forza & Romeo James

Nude Highway Bridge Fucking

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On this weeks Out in Public we meet up with two of my friends on a public road for a little ass pounding. These two guys were super horny and down to get it on right there in front of the upcoming traffic. Insane! They could have easily gotten hit my a car or truck or something. Anyway, I got them to relax and take the fucking just off the road, and under an overpass. People still travel thru there, as you’ll see in the update, so the guys had to still fuck in plain sight, but at least they would not be in danger of getting hit by traffic. Check it out, and enjoy…

Tristan Stiles & Kyle Sex Johnson

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Poor Kyle Johnson, this kid can’t stop blowing his money at the casinos. Now he’s going to have to blow cock to get cash.

“I lost all my money from the last scene at the casino,” Kyle says to the cameraman.

Meanwhile his fellow newbie Tristan bought himself a new wardrobe and unfortunately he’s back in the financial hole he started in. It’s funny how a lack of cash flow will change your entire perception of man on man action.

“You’re pretty open now, that you need money, to the idea of doing something with another guy,” the cameraman notes to Tristan.

Tristan has never tasted the delicate meat that hangs between a man’s legs. Kyle’s a newbie as well but he just recently sucked his first cock so hopefully he can guide is scene partner to a better oral understanding. Our guys strip down and Tristan is the lucky guy who gets to suck first. He wraps his sweet lips around Kyle’s cock and begins.

“It feels pretty good,” Kyle observes when asked how his partner is doing.

“You should lick the tip,” Kyle suggests.

Tristan takes heed and swallows Kyle’s fat dick, the moisture from his throat coating the shaft and the head. Kyle stands up and Tristan sucks it the old fashioned way, on his knees.

“Like that,” Kyle asks.

Tristan grins because he’s ready from some head action of his own. They switch off and Kyle dives onto Tristan’s rock hard cock, throat first! He jerks his own dick as he give Tristan the wettest head of this life. Soon Kyle shoots a huge load onto his thigh but he continues to suck. Once Tristan is ready to come, Kyle sucks on his nipple until he shoots a huge load onto his belly.

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Tristan Stiles & Kyle Johnson

Boy Remember When… Paul Fucked Damien?

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Lovers of green t-shirts and feet will cream over the start of this recent update. Paul Canon and Damien Kyle are sitting on the bed, both wearing green tops and their little piggies facing the camera. When the cameraman gives them props for color coordination skills, Paul admits it was part of their master plan. :-)

“We definitely trying to get that vibe,” Paul says.

“Yeah, definitely,” Damien adds.

Apparently Paul has not been able to have any sex recently (minus jerking off). This is difficult to believe, but no need to question the lad. LOL! As for Damien, he’s been hitting it.

“I’m not complaining,” Damien says with a smile.

Damien might start complaining after Paul is done fucking that sweet ass. In fact, Damien isn’t looking forward to having his booty stuffed. However, he turns philosophical.

“But it’s worth the money, so you got to do what you got to do,” he opines.

The performers are naked and get on the bed. Both reach over and pull puds. They even kiss with some passion! Paul puts his head in Damien’s lap and sucks. He deep throats from the start, licking the entire shaft. Damien wants to offer a reach around but someone is close to popping.

“Chill out,” Paul says.

Damien gives a return BJ. He too deep throats, making Paul’s toes curl. Effort tears need to be wiped from Damien’s face. Too bad Paul didn’t use his dick to get rid of those droplets. LOL! He does, however, make sure to guide his sausage into Damien’s hot mouth.

“Fuck,” Damien exclaims when he comes up for air.

It’s time for the fucking. Damien gets on his stomach and is mounted by Paul. When that raw meat breaks the seal, Damien screams.

“Oh, fuck,” he yells.

Paul plays it deaf, making each stroke go balls deep. He turns Damien over on his back, and the fucking resumes. Look at Damien’s hand, trying to keep Paul from going so deep. Not working. One bit. Damien even looks up at Paul, as if eye contact will make the top slow down. Paul’s strokes are long and strong and cause Damien to curse and groan.

Paul is really laying the pipe down. Making that man hole his personal property.

“Oh, my God,” Damien whimpers.

Paul pushes those legs apart, trying to get in as far as possible. All of that prostate pounding causes the desired outcome. Damien dumps a load on his pubes.

Paul turns Damien back on his stomach. He stuffs Damien for the last time and fucks him until nutting time. And goodness gracious!! Paul’s juice lands everywhere, from Damien’s back to his well used booty. While Paul likes the look of nectar on Damien, our new bottom isn’t so pleased.

“It’s fucking gross,” Damien whines. “Get off me.”

Isn’t that what Paul just did? :-)

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Paul Canon & Damien Kyle 

Blake Bennett Fucks Boy Brandon Beale

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There’s something undeniably sexy about the combination of “fit and thick” & “tall and lean”. On this latest BSB update we have just that sexy combo with the Blake Bennett and Brandon Beal. The two are old pros and we’re eager to see the show that they put on for us. They jump into the action. The pair embrace each other and passionately make out as they slowly start to undress each other.

Blake is excited to swallow all of Brandon’s man meat so he drops to his knees and whips it out. He starts sucking  and Brandon immediately starts moaning from the feel of his dick slamming inside of Blake’s warm wet mouth. Blake’s a romantic so it is not just about sucking dick; he wants to make this a moment. He takes the time to tease Brandon’s nipple with his tongue, nibbles on his neck and kisses him more.

Blake removes his pants and continues to deep throat Brandon’s fat cock. They kiss even more and Brandon decides it’s his turn to suck some dick.

“Suck my cock,” Blake whispers.

Brandon is a firm believer in the old adage “the wetter the better”. His face is wet with a sensual mix of saliva and pre cum. It’s the glycerin of superb oral sex. Blake slaps his big cock on Brandon’s warm wet tongue and Brandon loves every moment of it.

Brandon is ready to get fucked so he hops on the bed  but Blake has a surprise. Blake begins to devour Brandon’s moist asshole. Blake eats his ass like a four course meal after a hard days work. He takes his time and savors the delicious taste of Brandon warm ass.

It’s time to fuck. Brandon’s hole is prepared completely. They kiss again, with even more passion than before. Brandon readies himself and soon Blake’s raw cock is inside of his hole. Brandon moans in ecstasy upon impact. Blake goes in as deep as he can, while “thick and fit” Brandon’s ass jiggles with each stroke.

Brandon’s moans get louder as the fucking turns more forceful.

“Oh, my God,” he whimpers.

Blake’s rock hard raw cock slams mercilessly inside Brandon’s ass. They switch positions and keep the flow of the fucking consistent. Between Blake pounding the soft flesh of his tight hole and the passionate kissing, Brandon is about to cum. He shoots  a huge load on his stomach. Impressed, and eager to release his own man milk, Blake kisses Brandon and strokes and suddenly releases a huge wad of cum on Brandon.

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Blake Bennett & Brandon Beale

Introducing Teen Tristan Stiles

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They say a winning smile and beautiful eyes will are all that you need to make your dreams come true. Well our dreams have definitely come alive with one look at Tristan Stiles. This BSB newbie is the freshest cut off beef we have and we can’t wait to see every inch of his tube steak. Fortunately for us he ran into a few life issues. He lost his job and his roommate is joining the armed forces so he’s here to make some cash.

Tristan is no stranger to self stroking, he started early, age 8.

My brother got me into [watching] pornography and that’s how I started jerking off,” Tristan says to the cameraman.

Tristan is a ladies man so he’s single since he plays the field. Sidenote, this guy might have a thing for cougars. He shares how he fucked one in just about every place one could imagine. This guy is turning me on.

Tristan strips down and grabs his cock and starts waking it up. A little nervous he uses both his hands to get in tune with the motion of his man meat. Soon his sausage is plump and fully cooked.

“I want to cum on the bed,” Tristan says.

He gets on his back and continues to jack off. He’s doing it just the way he likes it because soon Tristan closes his eyes and we can see the slightest curl in his toes. He starts to finger himself upon the cameraman’s request.

He pulls his fingers out and starts to jerk faster. This newbie is ready to bust a nut. His thighs tense up, his body quivers and he shoots a huge stream onto his belly. Good stuff, newbie.

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Tristan Stiles 

Aiden Teen Summers & Mr. Hampton

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